What you get to do:

You will be working with leading edge tech and be able to pick and prioritise your own work according to what interests you.

Our teams are kept small and are working to build, test and deploy their own code as rapidly as they can. We will be using our own version of Agile with a bit of Lean thrown in for good measure!

You will not need to report to stuffy management types or do unnecessary code reviews. Instead, you will develop code and tests to get to a continuous delivery model as soon as possible. 

You do not need to be familiar with all of our tech stack, as we will teach you on the job, just be confident in your Java skills and ready to learn the rest quickly.


What it takes to succeed:

This job is part of our Engineering community, which is spread across over a dozen of countries. We are a smart and caring bunch that is aiming for a reputation as one of the best employers of technologists in the world.

This is the tech stack our team works with: Java 11+, Maven, GitHub, RESTful APIs, MySQL, Spring Boot, Spring Data, AWS Lambda.

English is our company language, so it is important that you are able to communicate fluently. This is a full-time, remote contractor position and we are looking for new team members in Europe, who can support our team during UK (9am-5.30pm GMT) working hours.

What you can look forward to:

At Paymentology we value making a difference to the lives of the people who work for us and who live in the communities where we operate. You can look forward to working with a diverse, global team where Paymentologists at all levels play an important part in our global mission to advance the world through payments and make a difference on a global scale. 


Diversity is in our DNA

As a global company, we’re driven by our diverse, curious and innovative Paymentologists.

We’re committed to building an inclusive culture and creating an inspired, diverse place to work.

Changing lives

Our values

Values are attitudes, motives and behaviour patterns that underpin how Paymentologists do their jobs and contribute to Paymentology’s healthy culture. Values influence how well our team members apply their knowledge and skills.

Make it Happen

We don’t wait for permission, we take action when we spot an opportunity to innovate, make an improvement or resolve an issue. We’re always looking for better ways to get things done, together.

Make it Easy

We seek out ways to make things simpler for our clients and colleagues alike; communicating, collaborating and solving challenges agreeably, efficiently, and transparently.

Make it Right

From a simple email to a piece of code, or a major deployment, we pay attention to detail, making things the best they can be. All while making the world around us a better place in the process.

Recruitment scams

We of course encourage you to explore job opportunities at Paymentology. But please be cautious of scams where fraudsters may pretend to be part of our Paymentology recruitment team.

We will never ask for sensitive personal data, credit card details or exchange of money in our hiring and selection process.